Focaccia Bread Baked Fresh at Del-Dio’s: Festive and Delicious!

Fresh focaccia bread is always on the menu at Del-Dio’s. And now there are more festive and delicious bakery fresh breads to choose from!

While you have all been busy munching our hand-tossed pizzas and scarfing the buttery garlic knots, Chef John has been quietly perfecting his focaccia making skills.

If you dine with us no doubt you’ve had the freshly baked focaccia bread.

Del-Dio's Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread is made fresh daily house made

Del-Dio's Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread squares – served with dipping oil

Our tried and true focaccia recipe is quite delicious.  We bake at least a batch per day, often times more on the busy weekends, so the bread is always fresh.

However, lately we’re taking things to a new level!   Here’s a  peak at some recent creations:

How about some toppings on your focaccia bread?

Our favorites combinations include tomato and olive, and spinach with feta cheese.

Del-Dio's Tomato and Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Tomato and Olive Focaccia Bread


Del-Dio's Focaccia Bread Spinach & Feta

Del-Dio’s Spinach and Feta Focaccia Bread


Festive and Delicious

A recent customer requested Chef John’s help in creating these Mexican inspired breads.  Referred to as panes de los muertos; this bread is typically decorated with crossed-bones and plays an important role in the celebration of  the colorful  Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos  (All Souls Day).

Pane de Muerto by Del-Dio  (Orlando)

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread – “Panes de Muerto”


Del-Dio’s focaccia bread was the perfect addition to this Day of the Dead themed Halloween Party (photo courtesy of  A Flair for Affairs, Orlando).

Pane de Muerto at Day of the Dead Party

Del-Dio’s “Panes de los Muertos” lends an authentic touch to a Day of the Dead party (photo courtesy of A Flair for Affairs)


Last but not least…  check out this fall beauty!   Just imagine this amazing fall-themed focaccia on your holiday dining table!   Everyone’s mouth will be watering and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag a piece for yourself before it’s gone.  (We highly recommend you bring a second focaccia bread along, just to be safe.)

Del-Dio's Focaccia Bread - Fall Beauty!

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread – Fall Beauty!


Like what you see?  Then call today and place an order for your favorite!!  407-898-1115

Custom focaccia bread is made to order and requires a few hours preparation.  We request that bread orders be placed at least one day before they are needed.   Once purchased, focaccia bread may be refrigerated or frozen to maintain freshness until serving.


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