Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day 2015

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Del-Dio’s Summer Holiday Schedule (2015)

We couldn’t be more excited about the upcoming summer holidays!   The following federal holidays provide the rare opportunity for our staff to enjoy two consecutive days off!

waterfront-photo by E.D.Memorial Day:

Monday, May 25  (closed Sunday & Monday)

Independence Day:

Saturday, July 4  (closed Saturday & Sunday)

Labor Day:

Monday, September 7  (closed Sunday & Monday)



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Pizzeria Del-Dio: The Best Pizza in Orlando

Critic’s Choice for Best Pizza in Central Florida

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Orlando Sentinel’s 17th annual Foodie Awards names Del-Dio’s as Critic’s Choice for Pizza

When Pizzeria Del-Dio was listed as Critic’s Choice for Pizza in the 16th annual Foodie Awards we were thrilled!  It was a complete and total surprise, and naturally we relished the recognition.

In January, the results for the 17th annual Foodie Awards were posted.  Again we were thrilled to learn Del-Dio’s was listed as Critics Choice for best Pizza!


The shock has still not worn off (!).   To be recognized for a second straight year is an amazing honor!  Special thanks go out to Heather McPherson, food editor and dining critic at the Orlando Sentinel, for selecting our Orlando pizzeria for consideration.  We couldn’t be more proud of this wonderful award.

We are also extremely proud of our Team for their hard work and dedication – we love you guys for helping make Del-Dio’s the go-to place for the best pizza !

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Award winning pizza since 1994!

Focaccia Bread Baked Fresh at Del-Dio’s: Festive and Delicious!

Fresh focaccia bread is always on the menu at Del-Dio’s. And now there are more festive and delicious bakery fresh breads to choose from!

While you have all been busy munching our hand-tossed pizzas and scarfing the buttery garlic knots, Chef John has been quietly perfecting his focaccia making skills.

If you dine with us no doubt you’ve had the freshly baked focaccia bread.

Del-Dio's Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread is made fresh daily house made

Del-Dio's Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread squares – served with dipping oil

Our tried and true focaccia recipe is quite delicious.  We bake at least a batch per day, often times more on the busy weekends, so the bread is always fresh.

However, lately we’re taking things to a new level!   Here’s a  peak at some recent creations:

How about some toppings on your focaccia bread?

Our favorites combinations include tomato and olive, and spinach with feta cheese.

Del-Dio's Tomato and Focaccia bread

Del-Dio’s Tomato and Olive Focaccia Bread


Del-Dio's Focaccia Bread Spinach & Feta

Del-Dio’s Spinach and Feta Focaccia Bread


Festive and Delicious

A recent customer requested Chef John’s help in creating these Mexican inspired breads.  Referred to as panes de los muertos; this bread is typically decorated with crossed-bones and plays an important role in the celebration of  the colorful  Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos  (All Souls Day).

Pane de Muerto by Del-Dio  (Orlando)

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread – “Panes de Muerto”


Del-Dio’s focaccia bread was the perfect addition to this Day of the Dead themed Halloween Party (photo courtesy of  A Flair for Affairs, Orlando).

Pane de Muerto at Day of the Dead Party

Del-Dio’s “Panes de los Muertos” lends an authentic touch to a Day of the Dead party (photo courtesy of A Flair for Affairs)


Last but not least…  check out this fall beauty!   Just imagine this amazing fall-themed focaccia on your holiday dining table!   Everyone’s mouth will be watering and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to snag a piece for yourself before it’s gone.  (We highly recommend you bring a second focaccia bread along, just to be safe.)

Del-Dio's Focaccia Bread - Fall Beauty!

Del-Dio’s Focaccia Bread – Fall Beauty!


Like what you see?  Then call today and place an order for your favorite!!  407-898-1115

Custom focaccia bread is made to order and requires a few hours preparation.  We request that bread orders be placed at least one day before they are needed.   Once purchased, focaccia bread may be refrigerated or frozen to maintain freshness until serving.


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Business Luncheon Catering and Pizza Catering

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Catering for your Business Luncheon or Pizza Party – simplified by Del-Dio’s !

The next time you find yourself in charge of ordering food for a hungry group,  call 407-898-1115 and let Del-Dio’s cater it!
Business Luncheon and Pizza Catering by Del-Dio

“Of course”, you say, “everyone loves Del-Dio’s!” – and it’s true!  Del-Dio’s is Orlando Sentinel’s Critic’s Choice award winner, and consistently ranks in the top ten for “best pizza in Orlando”. Not to mention that we serve a full range of Italian style meals, in addition to many American favorites!

Working with a tight budget?  No worries! – we can help you put together a menu that makes the most of your petty cash.

Vegetarian?  Gluten-free?  Low-Carb?  Yes! – we can handle it!

Buffet or Box Lunch?  You choose!  Buffet options include everything from assorted pizzas to self-serve trays of Baked Ziti, Lasagna, Salads, Soups and more!  But if you prefer boxed lunches or individual meals, you can order straight from the menu. We can also tailor 2 or 3 menu options for groups as large as 250 or more!

pizza catering - pizza party

You can count on us to get your order right! With dependable, on-time delivery in the greater Orlando area, Monday through Saturday. (Special arrangements may be made for Sunday catering orders; minimum purchase applies). Try us for your next pizza party or business luncheon!

We make ordering quick and easy!


Catering for any occasion!  Delivery to any location!

pizza party orlando


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Best Pizza Toppings at Del-Dio’s

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I recently read an article about “the best pizza toppings” …

…you know, the types of toppings that are currently trending at bistros and upscale pizza-franchise restaurants. I’m sure you’ve seen them on menus: pizzas topped with fig and prosciutto, BBQ chicken, goat cheese, and salmon – just to mention a few. Some of them actually sounded pretty enticing (!) however, Del-Dio’s best pizza toppings rank a bit differently.

Pizza 16 inch Del-Dio

At Del-Dio’s, a traditional pizza starts off with our delicately seasoned pizza sauce and whole milk mozzarella atop of our incredibly delicious family recipe pizza dough.  From there, any pizza can be customized to order.  (Ok, ok; this isn’t ground-breaking information but bear with me because I’m just setting the stage…)

Del-Dio’s offers about two dozen topping options, including all the standards – pepperoni, onion, Italian sausage, etc.  But this post is about the best pizza toppings at Del-Dio’s – a perfect opportunity to call attention our stand-out toppings and combinations:

Meatballs are huge (literally and figuratively)!  We make them in fresh batches almost daily and slice them for topping pizzas. Our meatballs are almost tied with pepperoni as the most popular single pizza topping.

Tri-color Peppers Del-Diomeatballs del-dio orlando

Peppers are also super popular.  There was a time when we used only green peppers, but since we’ve been using tri-color peppers we have seen a measurable increase in requests for peppers on pizzas.  Plus the red, green and yellow peppers add amazing color and flavor!

Mushrooms are often requested as well – so we try to accommodate all mushroom lovers by offering a choice of marinated or fresh sliced mushrooms.

Pizza pepperoni-mushrooms del-dio pizza

Peppers del-dio pizza

The most requested toppings on our white pizzas are spinach, spinach and bacon, and broccoli. We also get requests for Greek pizza – which we top with tomato, feta cheese, black olives and spinach. (Try it, it’s ahhhhmazing! )  Of course, if you feel too limited by ordering one type of pizza, you can request half of one type and half of another.

Personal pizza mixed toppings del-dio
Click here to read A Definitive Ranking Of The Best Pizza Toppings (Quoted from Urbanspoon:)


The Top 10 Most Popular Pizza Toppings (INFOGRAPHIC)

foodler pizza infographic

Foodler says the top 10 pizza toppings are as follows:

1) Pepperoni
2) Mushrooms
3) Onions
4) Sausage
5) Bacon
6) Extra cheese
7) Black olives
8) Green peppers
9) Pineapple
10) Spinach

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