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Critic’s Choice for Best Pizza in Central Florida

Published on April 10, 2015 By Pizza Diva

In January 2015, the results for OS’s 17th annual Foodie Awards were posted and Del-Dio’s was listed as Critics Choice for best Pizza for 2nd straight year

Business Luncheon Catering and Pizza Catering

Published on June 23, 2014 By doughboy

Catering for your Business Luncheon or Pizza Party – simplified by Del-Dio’s ! The next time you find yourself in charge of ordering food for a hungry group,  call 407-898-1115 and let Del-Dio’s cater it! “Of course”, you say, “everyone loves Del-Dio’s!” – and it’s true!  Del-Dio’s is Orlando Sentinel’s Critic’s Choice award winner, and […]

Orlando Falls in Love With Our Heart Shaped Pizza !

Published on March 10, 2014 By Pizza Diva

“Nothing says true love like a heart shaped pizza …” Seriously – it’s hard to go wrong with a piping hot, hand tossed heart shaped pizza pie … At the very least it shows you’re thinking outside of the (pizza) box! (Well, this Pizza Diva may beg to differ, but only when diamonds and spa-days […]

Best Pizza Congrats from Gov. Rick Scott

Published on February 25, 2014 By Pizza Diva

Gov. Rick Scott sent a letter of congratulations to Del-Dio’s after we were recently recognized as Critics Choice for best pizza in the Orlando Sentinel’s 16th Annual Foodie Awards!

Critics Choice for Best Pizza

Published on February 2, 2014 By doughboy

The results of Orlando Sentinel’s 16th annual Foodie Awards were published this weekend and to our delight, Del-Dio’s received Critics Choice for best pizza!   We are sincerely grateful to the Sentinel’s Food Editor Heather McPherson for the mention (which came as a complete surprise!). While we have received a number of honors over the […]